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“When the Vikings over ran Saxon Britain, legend has it, that King Alfred went amongst the viking camps as an entertainer to understand his enemy better. What he discovered as his secret weapon was tolerance and over the next 40 years these tribes merged to build the foundation of our modern country. Let us create … Read more
“When Emperor Claudius brings his entire entourage to conquer Britain, elephants, circus and all, the Celts remain unimpressed. Splatacus, the Roman trainee elephant handler, has more luck making friends with young princess Boudica, who loves his baby elephant. Trouble starts when the Emperor decides to sacrifice the elephant leadin... Read more
“Follow Marion, Robin and the band as they dodge the increasingly frustrated Sheriff of Nottingham until Robin finds a mystery ally in the invincible Black Knight. Who is the Black Knight and can the evil Guy of Gisbourne finally catch him and Robin?”... Read more
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