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Tolerance: King Alfred & The Vikings Tolerance: King Alfred & The Vikings
Tolerance: King Alfred & The Vikings
"When the Vikings over ran Saxon Britain, legend has it, that King Alfred went amongst the viking camps as an entertainer to understand his enemy better. What he discovered as his secret weapon was tolerance and over the next 40 years these tribes merged to build the foundation of our modern country. Let us create this story with your pupils as Alfred joins the cheeky circus troop Splats while they travel across the land entertaining anyone who will watch. This show is also good for Saxon and Viking history topics."
Liberty: The Roman Invasion Liberty: The Roman Invasion
Liberty: The Roman Invasion
“When Emperor Claudius brings his entire entourage to conquer Britain, elephants, circus and all, the Celts remain unimpressed. Splatacus, the Roman trainee elephant handler, has more luck making friends with young princess Boudica, who loves his baby elephant. Trouble starts when the Emperor decides to sacrifice the elephant leading Boudica and Splatacus to join forces to save it.“
Tudor history Tudor history
Tudor history
“After getting knocked out in an early Tudor football match, Splatacus wakes up press ganged as the Cabin boy of Francis Drake. And so begins his adventures as the first juggler to circumnavigate the world and fight the Spanish Armada, finally to be reunited with his family at the Globe theatre in time to give Master Shakespeare some inspiration.“
Viking history Viking history
Viking history
"King Alfred has been chased out by a surprise viking invasion and finds himself hiding with a troupe of travelling circus players. His daughter befriends the young performers & they decide to go to the viking camps as entertainers & find out how to defeat these terrifying foe. Using historical fiction we explore the facts & the myths. The show includes full circus & battle scenes."
Greek history Greek history
Greek history
“Join Milo of Kroton and his training cow as they venture to compete in his first Olympic games. Discover how this novice from a small town in the Ancient Greek world defies the might of Athens, Sparta, Argos and Megara to become the greatest Olympian of the Ancient World. Find out how his cow helped him and gave his name to the training technique that is still used today. A historical adventure based on events.“