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Macbeth Macbeth
“One of the great terrifying morality, mystery plays with its witches, warriors and ghosts. Follow the tragic fall of the Macbeths, who could defeat anything but their own gullible greed. Are dark forces in play or did they fool themselves? All hail Macbeth and find out with us.“
Lost Panto Lost Panto
Lost Panto
"Classic panto but with Shakespeare's greatest characters. Join Cinderella and her friend Buttons in their struggle against her hapless dad,evil step sisters and Baron Hardup. Will she meet her true love)? Join Splats in this fun filled world of Shakespeare's Lost Panto."
The Tempest The Tempest
The Tempest
“Join Prospero as the storm created by his sprites brings his usurper brother and cronies to this mystical island. Watch as Prospero magically twists and turns all the characters dream like to bring them safely to a happy brave new world.“
Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet
“In this we explore the text in a different way, through stage fight to bring the immediate visceral energy of watching the play to life. We will create the fight scenes with your pupils and explore the action and romance of this most pulsating of plays.“
Midsummer Nights Dream Midsummer Nights Dream
Midsummer Nights Dream
“​A great introduction to the inventiveness of Shakespeare. Watch your pupils create the Midsummer Night's madness of Oberon, Titania, Puck and the fairies causing chaos with their magical mischief on the humans. What fools these mortals be.“​

Shakespeare Rap

Shakespeare Rap Our Shakespeare Rap workshop uses Mc and Rap skills and theatre. Shakespeare workshop based on Shakespeares ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Macbeth. Using hip-hop culture to look at Shakespeare from a modern perspective. Shakespeare Workshop aims The aim of the Shakespeare workshop is to help the pupils understand the Tudor language in all its gory detail […]

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