Circus party

Circus Party Circus Skills

Roll Up Roll Up..
for The Greatest Circus Skills Party on Earth

Inspiring Circus Skills Party for boys and girls
We begin with our Circus Skills Party Show. A Splats Circus Skills Party starts with a demonstration show of juggling, plate spinning and balancing.

Circus Party Workshop
Then we run our Circus Party Workshop. This involves all the children in an active, fun and magical set of challenges FUN TRICKS, CHALLENGING AND INSPIRING.

Adapted for all ages and abilities
We teach the children to juggle scarves and balls. We teach in a structured, fun, expressive way. Scarves are floaty so move slowly enabling all the children to succeed and invent their own tricks.

Circus Party Scarf Juggling
Circus Party Plate Spinning

Learning and Performing Together
Plate spinning is a favourite for all ages. The children can spin the plates on their finger or stick and even jump it in the air and catch.

Exciting, Fun and Positive Skills
Balance on a fun wheel and race a friend. Our balance toys are a safe but exciting challenge.

Circus Party Pedal Go
Circus Party Diabolo

Concentration and Coordination
Spin and throw a diabolo. A very popular challenge for older children.

Splats Map

Our circus party lasts 90 minutes straight through.
It needs to be in a small hall (or if big space in house ok) or outside if the weather is fine.
We have nationwide availability and there are no extra charges. All our teachers are CRB checked and we have full public liability insurance.
Splats have worked in 1000s of schools, families and organisations across the UK and can provide references on request.

Timings and Location

Availability: Nationwide
Ages: 3 upwards
Amount of children: We can teach up to 35 children from 3 upwards and need a couple of adults around
Timings: 90 minutes recommended
Splats have run circus party workshops since 1991 and can provide all the expert advice you need to help your party run smoothly.

Bookings and Prices

£195 include VAT for 90 minutes.

£225 include VAT for 120 minutes.

For availability please fill the booking form below or drop us an email or
give Mike a ring on 07944 283659 or 0800 0288101.