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 Circus Skills with Splats

Welcome to Splats circus skills page. Please drop us a line if we can be any help.

circus skills Spining plateCircus skills day with Splats the circus experts

Recommended for:

Health, PE, Drama, PTA, Circus and carnival projects,creativity, Movement, Teamwork challenge, Speaking and Listening, Coordination, Confidence and FUN

Ages: all ages

Amount of pupils: up to 210 in one day (more on request) max 35 per class

How a Circus Skills day works


Circus skills assemblyAssembly A Splats Circus day starts with a fun circus skills assembly for the whole school for the Splats teacher to show off their skills and for the pupils and some of the teachers to join in.


Circus skills scarf juggling class


Classes This is then followed by up to 7 classes of circus skills. We teach all the skills below, adapted to age and level of the group. It is suitable for nursery through to Secondary, Special Needs and adults.





circus skills ribbon girls

Maximum no per lesson is 35 unless otherwise agreed. .Lesson guide times are: Assembly – 15 – 30 minutes. Nursery and Reception – 30 – 45 minutes. Year 1 – 3 – 45 minutes to 1 hour. Years 4 – 6 secondary – 45 minutes to 75 minutes.


circus skills resourcesResources All our circus days come with Circus teaching materials including History of circus skills, History of circus toys, Circus teaching book, Circus colour in book, Circus town show and our circus town script for the pupils to perform. If you are working on a circus project or topic also see our Circus project page.

Family workshop 
 Every Circus skills day can end with a free family workshop for the children to show off their new skills to their mums and dads, brothers and sisters. Circus skills are all about learning and passing on skills and our family workshop is a great way for the pupils to do this.

circus skills plates

Bookings and Prices:For availability and prices please drop us an email or give Mike a ring on 07944 283659 or 0800 0288101


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Scarf transparent copy

Scarf juggling

Our lessons start with scarf juggling. They move so slowly they are a great way for young children to learn to catch and older to learn the juggling pattern. Visit the Circus skills shop for scarves>

Circus skills Peacock feather


Peacock feather balance

One of our favourite challenges is the feather balance. On one finger, the hand, back of the arm and eventually on the nose, chin or head. Visit the Circus skills shop for feathers>

circus skills ball juggler trans

Ball Juggling

We then teach a variety of tricks with one and two balls leading up to the three ball cascade juggling pattern. 


plate spinning circus skills



Plate Spinning

Our plate spinning challenge works for all ages, from spinning on the finger to spinning from the stick and then balancing it on the chin.

Circus Skill Poi

Poi Spinning

We then teach the art of poi spinning a great coordination challenge 

circus skills Diabolo



We then teach spinning, throwing and catching of a diabolo plus for the expert some more fancy tricks.Circus skills ribbon

Chinese Ribbon

Learn to twirl and move with the rhythmic ribbon – great for dance and movement.

Flowerstick trans

Flower Stick

Great rhythm challenge teaching delicacy of touch and timing

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