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A Splats Circus skills day is the perfect mix of physical and mental challenges presented in a playful way. Our expert Splats teachers use our carefully planned program to help pupils to challenge their perceptions, teach and observe each other and to work as a group to achieve success. Pupils will improve their co-ordination and confidence and understand how the learning process works. Starting with a fun assembly for the whole school followed by classes teaching juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, poi, ribbon and much more. To top it all, an optional family workshop so everyone benefits.

How a Splats Circus Skills Day is run?

Assembly Show, Classes, Pupil Show, Family Workshop and Resources

The Show

A Splats Circus skills day begins with an assembly show. Our Splats experts amazes and educates. Concepts of balance, gentle effort, practice and observation are all introduced with a little help from staff and pupils. Preparing and inspiring the pupils for the circus skills learning to learn classes.

Learning to learn circus skills classes

A Splats Circus skills class is carefully structured to maximum success in stages. The beauty of circus skills is that the pupils can work at their own level and practice and improve through observation of their own learning and others. They work individually, in pairs and in groups on a variety of challenges designed to improve their skills get the learning lessons across.

Success in Stage

Scarf Juggling

challenging all

A Splats circus skills lesson starts with scarf juggling. Perfect for learning to catch and throw as they move slowly they time for movement and creativity.

Splats Circus Scarf Juggling
Gentle Movement
Splats Circus Feather Balancing

Feather Balancing

Control & Focus

The Splats circus skills feather challenge. Balancing on the finger, the nose, the forehead teaching the pupils vital lessons for success in all sports of attention, imagination, determination.

A model for all learning

Ball Juggling

The Splats circus skills learning to learn key skill. Juggling is the perfect model for explaining how the learning process works. Structured one to three ball challenges in pairs and in groups, which will help all pupils learn the cascade pattern behind 3 ball juggling. Focusing on letting the ball drop we help the pupils relax and learn the gentle movement required for success. The Splats 3 ball swap game will give your pupils and teachers a game that will develop coordination and timing for their PE lesson warm ups or class.

Splats Circus Ball Juggling
Appropriate effort
Splats Circus Plate Spinning

Plate Spinning

Splats circus skills plate spinning challenge. A favorite of all ages, pupils learn how a gentle, relaxed technique leads to success. Adapted for all abilities pupils can learn to spin on their finger, balance on their nose and pass and throw with a partner and in groups.

It teaches pupils how a gentle use of appropriate effort is the key to success in all sports.

Rhythm and co-ordination
Splats Circus Poi Spinning

Ribbons and Poi Spinning

We then teach the art of ribbon twirling and poi spinning a great coordination challenge. This is again adapted for all ages, progressing from simple movements with a ribbon to more complex poi moves which coordinate both sides of the body and brain.

Splats Circus Skill Ribbon
technique and observation
Splats Circus Skills Diabolo

Diabolo and Flower Stick

This can be taught to all ages but is very popular with the older range of primary and secondary. It again teaches how a gentle appropriate effort is best but also how careful observation of our technique will lead to success. It shows pupils how by following instructions and performing the correct technique success will be achieved. Once spinning straight and fast pupils can throw and catch the diabolo plus for the expert perform many fancy tricks.

Splats Circus Skills Flower Stick
Dare to Challenge
Splats Circus Skill Stilts

Stilts and Balance

Learning to walk on stilt or ride a fun wheel are a perfect way to challenge the bravery and daring of the pupils. A key element of all circus skills is the wow factor and pupils will love the exhilaration of the splats balance challenges. Safe for al ages pupils can start with bucket stilts and then progress to hand held stilts and learn to ride a pedal go end even juggle at the same time.

Splats Circus Skill Pedal Go

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