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Splats Entertainment Circus Skills The Greatest Show Circus Workshop in School UK

2018 is Splats Silver Jubilee. Splats has been running circus workshops at community events, schools, festivals, homes and live since 1991. We have run our circus workshop with companies such as BMW, BT even for the Home Office and for 1000’s of Schools and Council Events and Arts teams across the UK and worldwide.

Splats Entertainment Circus skills workshop

Splats Circus Skills Success in Stages

A Splats Circus Workshop is:

Suitable for all ages

Adaptable to all abilities

Great for families and communities to learn and play together

Splats Circus Workshop Benefits:

Splats Circus Skills Dare to Challenge

Everyone will challenge their perceptions, teach and observe each other and work as a group to achieve success. Learning and Playing at their own level to improve co-ordination, confidence and understanding of how anything is achievable.

Splats Circus Workshops – The Skills We Teach

  • See below for the variety of skills we teach
  • Our Splats expert amazes and educates with a little help from the participants who will learn from and teach and challenge each other.
  • Safe and challenging, from stilts to juggling, plate spinning to poi.
  • Splats Circus Skills Movement and Creativity

    Scarf Juggling

    A great way to learn to catch and even juggle three.

    Slow and floaty for movement and creativity.

    Feather Balancing

    The Splats circus workshop feather challenge.

    Attention, imagination, determination.

    Splats Circus Skills Focus Attention
    Splats Circus Skills Perfect Learning Model 2

    Ball Juggling

    The Splats circus workshop key skill.

    Juggling is the perfect learning model. Brilliant for Mums and Dads and of course the children love it too.

    Plate Spinning

    A circus skills favourite of all ages.

    Gentle relaxed movement leads to success.

    Splats Circus Skills Use a Gentle Effort
    Splats Circus Skills Rhythm & Coordination

    Ribbons and Poi Spinning

    The art of ribbon and poi spinning.
    Coordinate both sides of the body and brain.

    Diabolo and Flower Stick

    Great for the older end of primary and secondary. Fancy tricks and of course throwing it high in the air. The flowerstick can be rolled on the body or magically flicked from side to side.

    Good technique for success.

    Splats Circus Skills Technique and Focus
    Splats Circus Skills Take The Balance Challenge

    Stilts and Balance

    Challenge the bravery and skill of the children as the become the size of Mum and Dad (unless they are on stilts too!).

    The joy of daring.

    Splats Entertainment DBS Checked

    Splats Circus Workshops are available UK wide. We do not charge for travel. All our teachers carry DBS checks and we have full public liability insurance.

    Splats Circus Skills Circus Equipment

    Circus Workshop Equipment

    Visit our shop for a full range of circus equipment and school and workshop packs so you can continue teaching circus in school or in your community.