Learning to learn juggling day

Learning to Learn Juggling Day

Learning to juggle is an amazing educational tool. Stephen Richards who designed these day first taught juggling as part of his PE dissertation. It showed that pupils who didn’t usually participate in sport would find success with juggling and be able to use it as a way in to success in other sports. For those who already succeed it helps refine movements, use of appropriate effort and improves coordination. Splats Skill Play learning approach is unique to Splats. A Circus Lesson is always fun but it can be so much more effective when combining it with learning lessons.

Splats Learning to learn Curriculum

Learning to Learn Day Scarf Juggling

Pupils learn to use the effort necessary when juggling and no more. When you throw the ball you need to very gently throw, not forced or with tension. This is true in any sport, and through juggling you can really begin to understand how to relax and use a gentle appropriate effort.

When you learn to juggle, you will drop. Often people see it as a mistake or undesirable but actually THE DROP is a vital part of the learning process. By dropping the ball you learn to adjust your movement and get closer next time. In fact when we teach we encourage the pupils to not catch and to let it drop. This helps them focus on the throws as well as seeing the stress that enters their movements when they think they must catch it.
Break it down- Juggling is a great way to show pupils how to break a seemingly complicated skill down to its smallest parts and how by doing this the impossible becomes possible.

Learning to Learn Day Feather Balancing
Learning to Learn Day Flower Stick

Partner work is one of the most enjoyable things when learning to juggle. Working with one. two and three balls(eventually more) with a partner is great fun and has so much potential for makeing up routines, learning about rhythm even math! We also teach the rather wonderful Splats Football Pattern.
This is where 2 people juggle together by passing three balls between them. It is a brilliant pattern for children to develop timing and rhythm and will challenge all levels as can be as simple as throwing one ball to developing a routine with many people AND YES it can be done with footballs!
This day works with and is adaptable for all ages.

Learning to learn Circus and Juggling day

We can also teach a circus day using these learning techniques. See below for the skills covered.