Treasure Island Poster

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

“​All pirate stories start here. Step aside Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver has entered the school. We will create with your pupils this tale of the high sea with it’s triple crossing pirates, black spots, treasure map with an x in an unforgettable day of adventures.“​

Recommended for:
Theatre, Pirates, Victorian novels, Adventure stories.

Ages: Key Stage 1 and 2 – See filter on the gallery of days below for age group and type of day.

Amount of pupils: Up to 140 in one day (more on request) max 35 per class.

Availability: All year – UK wide. Advance booking preferred but can help with last minutes plans.

How a Splats Day Works

The play is performed by our Splats narrator with four classes. The shows are created with physical theatre, movement, circus, dance and scripted character acting. The Splats director brings props, pieces of costume and music/sound effects. We perform 30 minutes before the end of the school day for family, friends and pupils.


A Splats day begins with an assembly to introduce the pupils and teachers to the play and the characters they will be playing. This gives our teacher/narrator the opportunity to explain the story and also the tasks ahead for the pupils and the teachers.

Learning The Scenes

The play is split into 4 scenes so the classes need to be in 4 groups. Class size needs to be a maximum of 35 (please let us know if you need more) If you have very small groups it may be worth considering joining them together so they make 2 groups and learn two scenes each- a challenge but double the fun for them. If you only have 3 groups again one class can do two scenes. Usually you will find that you can fit in the Assembly and three lessons in the morning and one more lesson and the show in the afternoon. These lessons can be from 45 minutes to an hour and allow about 45 minutes for the show. The lessons are very well choreographed and planned so it is possible to learn the scene in that time.

Making The Set and Props

After the assembly our teacher will work with the first group on the first scene. The other three groups go back to the classroom with their class teacher and start making the props and scenery as described in our teaching pack which you will receive on booking. These are very simple and not compulsory. These do require paper, card, scissors, string and glue which we do not supply.They then come to the hall to work with our teacher at the allotted time.

The Show

At the end of the day all the classes come together to perform the show. The splats teacher acts as narrator which guides the play along and helps cue the pupils. We very much recommend inviting parents and any classes not taking part to watch the show as of course it works best with an audience!

Splats Make a Play days are available UK wide. We do not charge for travel. All our teachers carry CRB checks and we have full public liability insurance.

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