The Sugar Show

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The Sugar Show

by Stephen Richards

“When the adverts discover they aren’t as good for children as they thought they were they decide to go on a journey to see if they can change. Join Bubbles, Sam, Elf and Zap on a magical adventure to the land of the imagination as they discover how to create a happy and healthy future.”

Looking at how sugar affects the body, healthy choices, how adverts work and how can we stay healthy.

The Story and Characters

The story follows the adventures of four adverts, Bubbles (Soda), Zap (Energy drinks), Elfin (Fit bars) and Sam who wants to be an advert. They always believed that what they advertised was good but when the adverts become holograms they come to realise that too much of what they advertise isn’t good for children or adults. It looks at soft drinks, energy drinks and all the foods where sugar is hidden. They learn how adverts are constructed, how sugar affects the body and with the pupils help develop new characters to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

The Super Fruits and Vegs

The fruits and vegs have never been chosen to be adverts, but they have written some great songs and dances to try to get chosen.
Can your pupils help them become the Super Stars they deserve to be?

Topics Covered

What is sugar?
Sugar and teeth
Sugar and the body
Sugar and the brain
Sugar and health
Healthy foods

What foods contain sugar?
Sugars in fruits
Hidden sugars
Names for Sugar
How does advertising work?
How to design an advert?

Recommended for: Health week, Food and Health Topics.

Ages: Key Stage 1 and 2 – See filter on the gallery of days below for age group and type of day.

Amount of pupils: Up to 140 in one day (more on request) max 35 per class.

Availability: All year – UK wide. Advance booking preferred but can help with last minutes plans.

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