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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Drama workshops treasure island show

Recommended for: Pirate projects, Book week,Space project, About us, Teamwork challenge, Speaking and Listening.

Ages: Nursery to Year 8

Amount of pupils: 140 in one day (more on request) max 35 per class

How a Treasure Island day works

The day begins with an assembly to introduce the pupils and teachers to the play and the characters they will be playing.

Classes One class works with the splats teacher at a time to learn their scene. The play is divided into 4 scenes so 4 classes can take part or 2 classes can learn 2 scenes each.

treasure island What a faceProps and sets The other groups make props and set for the show and then come and work on their scene. We supply a full teaching pack to help guide this.

Show  At the end of the day all the classes come together to perform the show. The splats teacher acts as narrator which helps to guide the play along.

Audience The pupils can act as their own audience as three of the scenes will be new to them but also please invite parents and other classes to watch as it is a great community event.

Bookings and Prices: For availability and prices please drop us an email or give Mike a ring on 07944 283659 or 0800 0288101


One Response to Treasure-island-pirates-treasure-ships-projects

  1. admin says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for a fantastic day!! The children gained so much from the experience while having so much fun at the same time! It waswonderfull to see the childrens’ confidence grow as they took on the various roles. I think we may have discovered some budding thespians! Everyone who watched the show had a brilliant time too. Nick was excellent, holding it all together and inspiring the children with his enthusiasm. I hope he had as much fun as we did!

    Thanks again


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