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Tudor Splats and The Francis Drake Adventures Poster

Tudor Splats and the Francis Drake Adventures

written by Michael Redwood

“After getting knocked out in an early Tudor football match, Splatacus wakes up press ganged as the Cabin boy of Francis Drake. And so begins his adventures as the first juggler to circumnavigate the world and fight the Spanish Armada, finally to be reunited with his family at the Globe theatre in time to give Master Shakespeare some inspiration.“

Recommended for: Elizabethans, Francis Drake, Shakespeare, Drama.

Ages: Key Stage 2 upwards – See filter on the gallery of days below for age group and type of day.

Amount of pupils: Up to 140 in one day (more on request) max 35 per class.

Availability: All year – UK wide. Advance booking preferred but can help with last minutes plans.