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We have sent an email reply too but just to make sure here is something in print about our Circus days, Workshops and Show days.

about our Circus Days

A Splats Circus day can cater for all ages and abilities with up to 7 classes in a day plus and assembly show and even a free after school workshop. A Splats Circus skills day is the perfect mix of physical and mental challenges presented in a playful way.

It  involves a circus workshop where the pupils learn to juggle scarves, balls and clubs, spin plates, throw diabolos, balance peacock feathers, ride fun wheels, swing poi and ribbons, flick flower sticks and walk on stilts.

We start with an assembly and can end with an after school family learning workshop after school. We also provide teacher resources to help with circus projects and to help you teach circus at your school.

Our expert Splats teachers use our carefully planned program to help pupils to challenge their perceptions, teach and observe each other and to work as a group to achieve success.

Pupils will improve their co-ordination and confidence and understand how the learning process works.

Costs are as follows:  
£380 plus vat for one day or 80 to 175 pupils – more on request
£360 plus vat for two days  or 36 to 80 pupils
£340 plus vat for three or more days.*

The Skills we teach

The Circus Skills we teach

Circus skills for schools scarf juggler

Scarf Juggling

They move so slowly they are a great way for young children to learn to catch and older to learn the juggling pattern.

Slow and floaty for movement and creativity.

Feather Balancing

One of our favourite challenges is the feather balance. On one finger, the hand, back of the arm and eventually on the nose, chin or head.

Attention, imagination, determination.

Ball Juggling

Juggling is the perfect model for explaining how the learning process works. Focusing on letting the ball drop we help the pupils relax and learn the gentle movement required for success.

Juggling is the perfect learning model.

Plate Spinning

Splats circus skills plate spinning challenge. Adapted for all abilities pupils can learn to spin on their finger, balance on their nose and pass and throw with a partner and in groups.

Gentle relaxed movement leads to success.

Circus skills for schools diabolo

Diabolo and Flower Stick

Great for the older end of primary and secondary. Great rhythm challenge teaching delicacy of touch and timing. Rolling, flicking, throwing and catching. We then teach spinning, throwing and catching of a diabolo plus for the expert some more fancy tricks.

Good technique for success.

Ribbon and Poi

Learn to twirl and move with the rhythmic ribbon – great for dance and movement. We then teach the art of poi spinning a great coordination challenge

Coordinate both sides of the body and brain.

Stilts and Balance

Stilts are great for learning the basics of balance, having a race with others and more. We then teach balancing, standing and walking. Challenge the bravery and skill of the pupils.

The joy of daring.

Circus skills for schools pedal go

Pedal go

Pedal Go is an easy to learn and safe balancing prop which makes it perfect for kids. It’s great for learning the basics of balance, having a race with others and more.

Circus daring in slow motion.

Visit our shop for a full range of circus equipment and school packs so you can continue teaching circus in school.

Our aim is for you to be able to teach the skills we present after we leave. To help this we have teaching guides, project materials a teaching book and lesson plans and videos all available to anyone who books a day. We can provide training for the teachers and provide unlimited advice and support on teaching.

A Splats Circus Workshop

Recommended for: Any family event, children’s event, arts program, party, festival. Great for families and communities to learn and play together

Ages: Splats circus workshops are suitable for Nursery to adults as what and how we teach is made age appropriate.

Amount of Pupils: We can teach up to 35 (more on request) in a formal class and more if it is an open style workshop. Depending on the size of the event and what you requirements are we can be flexible to your needs.

Availability: All year – UK wide

Splats Circus Workshop is perfect for all ages and abilities and is a great way to bring communities together. Everyone will challenge their perceptions, teach and observe each other and work as a group to achieve success. Learning and playing at their own level to improve coordination, confidence and understanding of how anything is achievable.

Splats Circus workshops and days are available UK wide. We do not charge for travel. All our teachers carry DBS checks and we have full public liability insurance.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a line to talk through your specific needs and aims for the day, we are here to help. ;0)

Please give Mike a ring on 07944 283659 or send us an email to

Please turn over for our Make a Play challenge and Shows . . .

about our Make a Play days

Many thanks for getting in touch about our ​show​ days.

We have two options available:

Option 1

A Create a Play in a Day. Which includes:

a) Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

b) Healthy living: The Earth’s Greatest Show, E-safety, How to be Hoppy and The Sugar show.
c) History: Saxons and Vikings, Ancient Greeks and Roman and Celts.
d) Classic books: Jungle Book, Treasure Island, Wind in the Willows, A Christmas Carol and Robin Hood.

We can work with 30 to 120 pupils ​from year 2 upwards. It is all pre-designed and narrated by our director.​ This involves four rotating groups. When not with the director they have preset tasks to fulfil. 

Our shows are with physical theatre, circus, movement, dance and scripted character acting. Our director brings props, some costume and music/sound effects. Before the day we send a teaching pack with a script and how to make the props from paper and card. The whole day can be stand alone with no preparation leading up to it or as part of a project.

The show is performed (with our guiding narration) at the end of the day to family, friends or the school.

Cost for Create a Play in a Day is:

  • one day £360+vat for 120 pupils
  • two days or up to 80 pupils £340+vat
  • three days £320+vat or less than 40

Option 2

A one hour Shakespeare in a Suitcase performance of​:​​ A Christmas Carol, Jungle Book​ Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth or A Midsummer Night’s Dream ​or The Tempest​ performed by three actors. This comes with two options after the show.

a) We Create a Play in Day as in Option 1.  

b) A Double Bill: We perform the same show or another of your choice in the same day either in your school, a local school or in the academy group and you can split the cost.
The fee for a full day is £900+vat or £450+vat if you split the cost.

I am happy to talk through these options on 07944 283 659
Best Wishes

Mike Redwood
07944 283 659