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Dear Teacher

Welcome to Splats Drama Workshops Make a Play days – unique and fun filled adaptations and original stories.

The concept behind a Make a Play day drama workshop is to work with a 4 groups in a day for about an hour in a Drama Workshop, teach them a scene each and then in the afternoon put on an amazing show. In-between that they make all the props, costume and set!

Pupils will find they have already performed the show before they have had the time to think, this isn’t what I would usually do! They all will challenge their preconceptions and had a lot of fun along the way.

I like to see it as a little flash or paint stroke in their memory – a splat of colour and fun which will affect what they think they are capable, which is of course ANYTHING.

With have 20 wonderful drama workshops thanks to  a little help from 1000s of children and teachers who have added new ideas to every show we produce. Please do drop us an email or call Mike to find out more and take the Make a Play challenge

Yours Sincerely

Stephen Richards

BEd Hons

Our drama workshops help compliment many topics across the curriculum.

Make a Play Day Drama Workshops

Splats Make a Play Days are a perfect way to inspire confidence, creativity and teamwork whilst improving speaking and listening skills and the joy of drama, literature and performance. Choose from our classic play drama workshops Jungle Book, Wind in the Willows, A Christmas Carol, Treasure Island, Robin Hood and more.

Shakespeare Play Drama Workshops

The pupils learn and perform a Shakespeare classic such as The Tempest, Macbeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo & Juliet – Stage Combat or we can bring a show to you. Ideal for English literature, Drama and Shakespeare text inspiration.

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Touring shows

Splats on tour. Wonderful shows performed by the Splats travelling players. The Tempest, Macbeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream and brand new Jungle Book.

History drama workshops

Follow the story of Splats travelling players on their adventures, meeting the Greeks, Celts, Romans, Saxons and Vikings, Medieval folk and Renaissance Tudors.

The E – Safety Show

Team Robot v Meanies is a fun and active show where we see how the Meanies virus spreads and affects how the pupils act towards each other. Looking at issues of bullying, online safety and awareness of how we act online.

The Sugar Show Drama Workshops

School workshop and show looking at how sugar affects the body, healthy choices, how adverts work and how can we stay healthy.

All of our days

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