Katie and the Mona Lisa

Katie and the Mona Lisa

Katie and Mona Lisa Live Poster

Katie and the Mona Lisa is adapted by Mike Redwood from James Mayhew’s original book.

Splats Entertainment have been producing wonderful theatre shows for families since 1992.

Our latest production, Based on James Mayhew’s classic series Katie’s Books is Katie and the Mona Lisa.

Imagine if art could come alive! When Katie visits a gallery with her Grandma and sees the Mona Lisa, a mad-cap adventure follows as she steps into Mona Lisa’s world and discovers she has lost her smile. Can Katie restore the famous enigmatic expression, with the help of magical Renaissance paintings, before the gallery guard catches her?

Katie and the Mona Lisa is a joyful celebration of art and artists, Katie and the Mona Lisa is based on the best-selling book, and will feature theatrical recreations of paintings by Da Vinci, Bottocelli, Raphael and other immortal Italian painters.
A perfect way to excite children about the wonders of classic art, a magical theatrical event.

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“Fabulous play! My 3 and 6 year old had such a good time, and doing the circus skills afterwards.. Next step a first family visit to the National Gallery tomorrow! :-)”