Splats Creative Curriculum

  • Splats Curriculum 18 - 19

    Please tick any of the days you are interested in.
  • Our classic Circus day for all ages, workshops and family learning. Splats Circus town show where the pupils create a show in a day using their new skills and our Learning to Learn day helping pupils understand the learning process.
  • Create a Play in a Day - improve teamwork, confidence and literacy. One class to whole school event. The pupils learn the scenes and perform in the end of day show to family and friends.
  • Let us bring the Bard to you with our selection of Shakespeare Plays and Shows. Create a show in a day or watch our Shakespeare double bill. Highly recommended for text inspiration and GCSE.
  • Join the Splats Circus troupe through Roman times with Boudica, entertain the Vikings with King Alfred and even perform with Shakespeare. A fantastic trilogy of shows using circus to explore the roots of British Values.
  • Informative and fun shows, starring your pupils in a day. Involve and encourage family learning and discussion with our end of day presentation shows.
  • Possible dates, amount of pupils and any other details or questions.