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Splats Circus Skill Days

Roll up, Roll up, for the Greatest Circus in School

“Splats Circus skills days are devised by Stephen Richards P.E B.Ed Hons, developing from his dissertation into how to encourage participation in sports. This has lead to 1000’s of schools running the circus day program both as a fun and challenging day but also as a way to incorporate circus into their PE curriculum.”

Recommended for:

Circus Skills for PE, Circus Projects, Health Week, Treat, Learning Through Juggling, History of Circus.


Nursery upwards to adults as lessons made age appropriate

Amount of Pupils:

One class to up to 215 in one day although more possible on request


All year – UK wide

Splats Circus Leader Female Circus Skills PartySplats Circus skills days are devised by Stephen Richards P.E BEd Hons

The day includes an assembly show, circus skills lessons for 1 – 7 classes, an end of day show if performing our circus town show and a free after school family circus skills workshop

A Splats Circus skills day begins with an assembly show. Our Splats expert amazes and educates with a little help from staff and pupils.Preparing and inspiring the pupils for the circus skills learning to learn classes.

The Circus Skills we teach

After the assembly the pupils take it in turns to works with our circus skills expert. Our lessons cater for all ages and we adjust our lesson plan accordingly. Here are all the circus skills we teach.

Scarf Juggling

Splats entertainment circus skills party Scarves Juggling

Our lessons start with scarf juggling. They move so slowly they are a great way for young children to learn to catch and older to learn the juggling pattern.

Slow and floaty for movement and creativity.

Feather Balancing

Splats entertainment circus skills party Feather Balancing

One of our favourite challenges is the feather balance. On one finger, the hand, back of the arm and eventually on the nose, chin or head.

Attention, imagination, determination.

Ball Juggling

Splats entertainment circus skills party Ball Juggling

The Splats circus skills learning to learn key skill.

Juggling is the perfect learning model.

Plate Spinning

Splats entertainment circus skills party Plate Spinning

Our plate spinning challenge works for all ages, from spinning on the finger to spinning from the stick and then balancing it on the chin.

Gentle relaxed movement leads to success.

Learn to twirl and move with the rhythmic ribbon – great for dance and movement. We then teach the art of poi spinning a great coordination challenge

Coordinate both sides of the body and brain.

Diabolo and Flower Stick

Splats entertainment circus skills party DiaboloSplats entertainment circus skills party Flower Stick

Great for the older end of primary and secondary. Great rhythm challenge teaching delicacy of touch and timing. Rolling, flicking, throwing and catching. We then teach spinning, throwing and catching of a diabolo plus for the expert some more fancy tricks.

Good technique for success.

Stilts and Balance

Splats entertainment circus skills party Stilts Balancing

Stilts is great for learning the basics of balance, having a race with others and more. We then teach balancing, standing and walking. Challenge the bravery and skill of the pupils.

The joy of daring.

Pedal go

Splats entertainment circus skills party Pedal Go

Pedal Go is an easy to learn and safe balancing prop which makes it perfect for kids. It’s great for learning the basics of balance, having a race with others and more.

Circus daring in slow motion.

After school we can run a free family workshop so the pupils can teach their parents what they have learned and everyone benefits.

Visit our shop for a full range of circus equipment and school packs so you can continue teaching circus in school.

Our aim is for you to be able to teach the skills we present after we leave. To help this we have teaching guides, project materials a teaching book and lesson plans and videos all available to anyone who books a day. We can provide training for the teachers and provide unlimited advice and support on teaching.

Splats Circus Days are available UK wide. We do not charge for travel. All our teachers carry DBS checks and we have full public liability insurance.

If you have 4 classes or less we can even put on the Splats Circus Town show performed by the pupils

For bookings and prices for our circus and drama days and shows please fill in our enquiry form and we will get right back to you. Prices range from £220- £360 plus vat depending on length of workshop and amount of pupils.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a line to check availability and to talk through your specific needs and aims for the day, we are here to help. ;0)

Please give Mike a ring on 07944 283659 or send us an email to

Pupils challenge their perceptions, teach and observe each other and work as a group to achieve success. Pupils are challenged at their own level and improve co-ordination, confidence and understanding of how the learning process works.

Where do you travel to?

We travel across mainland Britain.

How many of you are there?

It is always one Splats artist per session of up to 35 pupils. Please talk to us if you have more pupils.

Do you need anything else?

We need a sound system and although not essential access to any lighting or staging you have.

What time do you arrive and how long to set up?

30 minutes before we start and it takes 15 minutes to set up.

Do you need the hall?

We do need the hall all day except for lunch, although we can work in a large class room for some of the time.

How many members of our staff do you need?

We need the staff ratio that you would normally have plus our Splats teacher. Your staff will be responsible for the pupils tertiary care.

Can you work outside?

Only for circus days but in wind and rain it becomes very difficult.

Are you insured?

Yes we have full public liability.

Do you provide confidence and team building?

Yes we have a modual in all workshops for team building , exploring self confidence, learning techniques and self perceptions of learning.

Do you teach adults?

Yes we often teach adults for team building sessions and Inset training.

Do you send a booking letter?

Yes you should receive an email within 24 hours of booking. You need to check all the details . When you are ready fill in the timetable and send it back to the email address.

How to pay?

There will be an invoice sent to your email address please pass this onto the bursar/accounts department/treasurer/local authority or whoever is in charge of payments. They can contact us if they need to make specific payment arrangements.

Do you charge travel?

No there is no extra travel on mainland Britain.

Can we have a multiple booking discount?

Yes see our booking form or drop us a line.

What dates have you free

If you send us your ideal date range we will do our best to fit you in.

Do you work weekends and evenings?

Yes we do.

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