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Splats Grammar Slam – A SPaG Spectacular Splats Grammar Slam – A SPaG Spectacular
Splats Grammar Slam - A SPaG Spectacular
“The show is a detective story where the hero is helped by the characters on stage and the children in the audience to solve an ancient riddle found in school. Using punctuation as signposts and what they know about spelling & grammar to solve poetic riddles – the characters go on journey to help them unravel the mystery. With some wrong turns and pitfalls on the way (things like the ‘there, their and they’re’ maze or the suspiciously out of place family of ‘Clauses’) pupils are constantly looking for clues to help them. The show uses poetry and rhyme to help pupils remember key phrases from the SPAG test and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way.”
Splats Circus and King Alfred Splats Circus and King Alfred
Splats Circus and King Alfred
"When the Vikings over ran Saxon Britain, legend has it, that King Alfred went amongst the viking camps as an entertainer to understand his enemy better. What he discovered as his secret weapon was tolerance and over the next 40 years these tribes merged to build the foundation of our modern country. Let us create this story with your pupils as Alfred joins the cheeky circus troop Splats while they travel across the land entertaining anyone who will watch. This show is also good for Saxon and Viking history topics."
The Sugar Show The Sugar Show
The Sugar Show
“When the adverts discover they aren’t as good for children as they thought they were they decide to go on a journey to see if they can change. Join Bubbles, Sam, Elf and Zap on a magical adventure to the land of the imagination as they discover how to create a happy and healthy future.”
How to be Hoppy How to be Hoppy
How to be Hoppy
How to be Hoppy is a day that helps pupils explore what it is that makes them happy and sad. What is it that they love to do and how can they help others in their community be happy too. Designed as a fun, creative, imaginative extravaganza for the pupils to express themselves and of course find their inner Bungaroo.
Macbeth Macbeth
“One of the great terrifying morality, mystery plays with its witches, warriors and ghosts. Follow the tragic fall of the Macbeths, who could defeat anything but their own gullible greed. Are dark forces in play or did they fool themselves? All hail Macbeth and find out with us.“
Treasure Island Treasure Island
Treasure Island
“​All pirate stories start here. Step aside Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver has entered the school. We will create with your pupils this tale of the high sea with it’s triple crossing pirates, black spots, treasure map with an x in an unforgettable day of adventures.“​
Computer Coding Computer Coding
Computer Coding
“Team Robot – a crack team of computer experts are sent to save the world, led by Captain Splat. Team Robot teaches the pupils Disco dancing code and shows how it develops in the future. A fun and imaginative way to explore computer coding.”
E-Safety E-Safety
Team Robot v Meanies is about the invasion of aliens called Meanies. The Meanies invade the school and begin to take over the pupils. In a fun and active show we see how the Meanies virus spreads and affects how the pupils act towards each other. Looking at issues of bullying, online safety and awareness of how we act on line.
Splats Circus and Boudica Splats Circus and Boudica
Splats Circus and Boudica
“When Emperor Claudius brings his entire entourage to conquer Britain, elephants, circus and all, the Celts remain unimpressed. Splatacus, the Roman trainee elephant handler, has more luck making friends with young princess Boudica, who loves his baby elephant. Trouble starts when the Emperor decides to sacrifice the elephant leading Boudica and Splatacus to join forces to save it.“
The Tempest The Tempest
The Tempest
“Join Prospero as the storm created by his sprites brings his usurper brother and cronies to this mystical island. Watch as Prospero magically twists and turns all the characters dream like to bring them safely to a happy brave new world.“
Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet
“In this we explore the text in a different way, through stage fight to bring the immediate visceral energy of watching the play to life. We will create the fight scenes with your pupils and explore the action and romance of this most pulsating of plays.“
Midsummer Nights Dream Midsummer Nights Dream
Midsummer Nights Dream
“​A great introduction to the inventiveness of Shakespeare. Watch your pupils create the Midsummer Night's madness of Oberon, Titania, Puck and the fairies causing chaos with their magical mischief on the humans. What fools these mortals be.“​
Splats Circus and Shakespeare Splats Circus and Shakespeare
Splats Circus and Shakespeare
“After getting knocked out in an early Tudor football match, Splatacus wakes up press ganged as the Cabin boy of Francis Drake. And so begins his adventures as the first juggler to circumnavigate the world and fight the Spanish Armada, finally to be reunited with his family at the Globe theatre in time to give Master Shakespeare some inspiration.“
Greek history Greek history
Greek history
“Join Milo of Kroton and his training cow as they venture to compete in his first Olympic games. Discover how this novice from a small town in the Ancient Greek world defies the might of Athens, Sparta, Argos and Megara to become the greatest Olympian of the Ancient World. Find out how his cow helped him and gave his name to the training technique that is still used today. A historical adventure based on events.“
Democracy: Robin Hood Magna Carta Democracy: Robin Hood Magna Carta
Democracy: Robin Hood Magna Carta
“Follow Marion, Robin and the band as they dodge the increasingly frustrated Sheriff of Nottingham until Robin finds a mystery ally in the invincible Black Knight. Who is the Black Knight and can the evil Guy of Gisbourne finally catch him and Robin?”
Wind in the Willows Wind in the Willows
Wind in the Willows
“Mr. Mole discovers the joys of the Riverbank with his new friend Ratty. Join their adventures as they meet the irrepresible Mr. Toad, journey into the wild woods to visit Mr. Badger and save Toad Hall from the rascally weasels.“
Jungle Book Jungle Book
Jungle Book
“​The classic tale of friendship as Mowgli discovers what it means to be a human and meet his animal friends and enemies along the way.“​
A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
“​The story that made Christmas what it is today with it’s turkey and trees. Watch us create Scrooge’s journey from the child who thinks no one cares to the true spirit of living, sharing and enjoying. A tale for all time and all faiths.“​