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Learning to Learn

Splats Entertainment Learning to Learn Juggling Day Sticky Post

Learning to juggle is an amazing educational tool. Stephen Richards who designed these day first taught juggling as part of his PE degree. It showed that pupils who didn’t usually participate in sport would find success with juggling and be … Continue reading

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Splats Circus and King Alfred

32. Splats Entertainment Splats Circus and King Alfred

“When the Vikings over ran Saxon Britain, legend has it, that King Alfred went amongst the viking camps as an entertainer to understand his enemy better. What he discovered as his secret weapon was tolerance and over the next 40 … Continue reading

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The Sugar Show

“When the adverts discover they aren’t as good for children as they thought they were they decide to go on a journey to see if they can change. Join Bubbles, Sam, Elf and Zap on a magical adventure to the … Continue reading

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06. Splats Entertainment E-Safety Computer Show

Team Robot v Meanies is about the invasion of aliens called Meanies. The Meanies invade the school and begin to take over the pupils. In a fun and active show we see how the Meanies virus spreads and affects how … Continue reading

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