Circus Teaching Book

This is the Circus Teaching Book

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Home Circus kit

Welcome to the Splats Home School Circus

Get a great combination of all fun accessible skills and learn via Youtube, Facebook, instagram and twitter with us.

Hours and Hours of fun, creative, coordination, brain-boosting challenges.

The kits includes pdf and video guides and

1 diabolo with sticks and string

1 spinning plate and stick

3 juggling sacks

3 juggling scarves

1 peacock feather

Learn to juggle alongside your children.

Peacock feathers are a great way to learn to balance. As they are so light they move very slowly so give the learner time to adjust and move to keep the feather balanced.

Challenges are:

  • Balance on the finger
  • Balance on the front and back of hand
  • Balance on elbow
  • Balance on knee
  • Pop it up in the air from a balance and catch in a balance
  • Balance on the nose
  • Balance on the chin
  • Balance on the forehead
  • Sit down and stand up in a balance

3 juggling scarves – Scarves are ideal for children (and adults) to learn to catch and juggle. Because they float it gives the learner time to adapt and catch. It also encourages lots of tricks and movements to be made before the catch.

3 juggling bean bags – Set of 3 Pyramid beanbags which are ideal for learning to catch and juggle.

Downloadable PDF guide to how to juggle 3 balls

They are loosely filled with recycled and food safe plastic granules and can be put in the washing machine!

1 spinning plate and balance stick – A great Spinning and balance challenge for all ages. Learn to spin, balance on your finger, flip and catch and much more. Comes with a spinning plate stick.

1 diabolo and control stick – Great quality medium sized rubber diabolo. Most popular size to learn with and well weighted make it easy to correct. See our Splats guide pdf for help with this. Colours spin up and merge together so you can tell how fast it is spinning.