Circus Skill Brownies and Guide Splats Entertainment

Splats can provide circus skill workshops for brownie groups across the UK. This can be with just one group or several groups if you have a county or nationwide meet. Our Circus skills brownies workshop  is also perfect for the circus skills brownie badge.

“Thank you Splats Entertainment for a fantastic circus skills workshop last week. The girls had a blast!”

-Sully 1st Brownies-

The Circus Skills we teach

Circus skills for schools scarf juggler

Scarf Juggling

Our lessons start with scarf juggling. They move so slowly they are a great way for young children to learn to catch and older to learn the juggling pattern.

Slow and floaty for movement and creativity.

Feather Balancing

One of our favourite challenges is the feather balance. On one finger, the hand, back of the arm and eventually on the nose, chin or head.

Attention, imagination, determination.

Ball Juggling

Juggling is the perfect model for explaining how the learning process works. Focusing on letting the ball drop we help the pupils relax and learn the gentle movement required for success.

Juggling is the perfect learning model.

Plate Spinning

Splats circus skills plate spinning challenge. Adapted for all abilities pupils can learn to spin on their finger, balance on their nose and pass and throw with a partner and in groups.

Gentle relaxed movement leads to success.

Circus skills for schools diabolo

Diabolo and Flower Stick

Great for the older end of primary and secondary. Great rhythm challenge teaching delicacy of touch and timing. Rolling, flicking, throwing and catching. We then teach spinning, throwing and catching of a diabolo plus for the expert some more fancy tricks.

Good technique for success.

Ribbon and Poi

Learn to twirl and move with the rhythmic ribbon – great for dance and movement. We then teach the art of poi spinning a great coordination challenge

Coordinate both sides of the body and brain.

Stilts and Balance

Stilts is great for learning the basics of balance, having a race with others and more. We then teach balancing, standing and walking. Challenge the bravery and skill of the pupils.

The joy of daring.

Circus skills for schools pedal go

Pedal go

Pedal Go is an easy to learn and safe balancing prop which makes it perfect for kids. It’s great for learning the basics of balance, having a race with others and more.

Circus daring in slow motion.

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