How to be Hoppy

“Designed as a fun, creative, imaginative extravaganza, ‘How to be Hoppy’ explores what is it that they love to do and what can they do to help others in their community be hoppy too.”

How to be Hoppy

Recommended for:

PSHE, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Health week, Confidence, Happiness, Celebration, About me topics.


Key Stage 1 and 2

Amount of Pupils:

Up to 140 in one day


All year – UK wide

The Story

‘How to be Hoppy’ centres on a story about when the children of the
Earth create creatures called ‘Bungaroos’, in order to show Aliens who have come to visit, how to really play. Through ‘How to be Hoppy’ days, children explore what they love and express what is creatively unique to each of them, in a way that has been cleverly designed to ensure an absolute blast of fun for everyone!

The Hoppy Project

We are currently organising a project tour to run September 2023 – April 2024, and which we applying  to be funded by the Arts Council England.


How to be Hoppy’ really champions celebrating diversity and inclusion through creativity, and will provide memorably fun, playful experiences for children and communities introducing them to cultural arts with confidence.

We have developed our work to be particularly effective in engaging children who are not the usual participants in theatre, and we are adept at enabling equal participation, discovery & enjoyment by children of varying needs & abilities.

The framework we have developed enables children to easily and quickly create large parts of the story to produce a unique, largely spontaneous and very relaxed performance at the end of the day. This is accessible to all; for example using signing, follow the leader type games, and adapted equipment as necessary alongside everyday items.

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We can teach up to 4 groups in a day. The pupils perform the show with the splats teacher who acts as the narrator. This helps cement the whole play together and of course provides a cue for the pupils. The Splats director brings props, pieces of costume and music/sound effects.

Splats Plays Physical theatre


The workshops are active, fun and a real challenge for all, created with physical theatre, movement, circus, dance and scripted character acting. As we learn the show and perform it in just one day, pupils are up on stage before they have any time to think about nerves. This gives all pupils an opportunity to shine in a very relaxed environment.


Please fill in our enquiry form and we will get right back to you. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line to check availability and to talk through your specific needs and aims for the day, we are here to help. ;0)

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