Splats Shakespeare Days are a perfect way to inspire confidence, creativity and teamwork whilst improving speaking and listening skills and the joy of drama, literature and performance.

A series of workshop exploring wellbeing using physical theatre, circus skills, dance, music, magic, mime, puppetry and mask.

How a Shakespeare Make a Play day works

  • Whole School activity
  • Suitable for Key Stages 2 and 3
  • Teaching materials
  • Interactive show or workshops
  • Confident, independent and creative learners

Organisation – We can teach up to 4 groups in a day. The pupils perform the show with the splats teacher who acts as the narrator. This helps cement the whole play together and of course provides a cue for the pupils. The Splats director brings props, pieces of costume and music/sound effects.

Performance – The workshops are active, fun and a real challenge for all, created with physical theatre, movement, circus, dance and scripted character acting. As we learn the show and perform it in just one day, pupils are up on stage before they have any time to think about nerves. This gives all pupils an opportunity to shine in a very relaxed environment.

Bookings – Please fill in our enquiry form and we will get right back to you. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line to check availability and to talk through your specific needs and aims for the day, we are here to help. ;0)

Please give Mike a ring on 07944 283659 or send us an email to mike@splatsentertainment.com


Choose your Play

A Midsummer Nights Dream Poster

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – “A great introduction to the inventiveness of Shakespeare. Watch your pupils create the Midsummer Night’s madness of Oberon, Titania, Puck and the fairies causing chaos with their magical mischief on the humans. What fools these mortals be.”

adapted by Leigh Farrant
Macbeth Poster

Macbeth “One of the great terrifying morality, mystery plays with its witches, warriors and ghosts. Follow the tragic fall of the Macbeths, who could defeat anything but their own gullible greed. Are dark forces in play or did they fool themselves? all hail Macbeth and find out with us.”

adapted by Mike Redwood
Romeo & Juliet Poster

Romeo and Juliet – “In Splats Romeo and Juliet we explore the text in a different way, through stage fight to bring the immediate visceral energy of watching the play to life. We will create the fight scenes with your pupils and explore the action and romance of this most pulsating of plays.”

adapted by Leigh Farrant
The Tempest Poster

The Tempest – “Join Prospero as the storm created by his sprites brings his usurper brother and cronies to this mystical island. Watch as Prospero magically twist and turns all the characters dream like to bring them safely to a happy brave new world.”

adapted by Mike Redwood
Hamlet Poster

Hamlet – “Hamlet is the most famous theatre character in the western world for simply being the best drawn reflection of human indecision. Follow Hamlet as he tries to find out who killed his father and what should he do. A true who dunnit with only a ghost as a witness.”​

adapted by Paul Jenkins

Recommended for:

Shakespeare week, Drama, Literature, Teamwork challenge


Key Stage 2,3 and above

Amount of Pupils:

Up to 140 in one day


All year – UK wide

Shakespeare Double Bill

Suitable for ALL students and a refreshing perspective for lovers of the play.
Mixing modern language and original text it makes the story fun and crystal clear. The best way to experience the Bard which, lets face it, he designed to be enjoyed as a live show.

How the Double Bill works

One hour long shows with a cast of three (needs to be seen to be believed) followed by Q & A or workshops in a half day visit.
For full day after the show your students can create their own version with our company or visiting director to perform at the end of the day to family and friends.

Watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream in action

Watch this video on Youtube

Shakespeare in a Suitcase

A Midsummer Night’s Dream photographer

Greca Redwood-Jones