“Is this real life or is it just fantasy, caught on an island? Is it Prospero’s reality or such stuff as dreams are made off as he juggles this bizarre mix of fairies, witches, monsters, drunks, buffoons, lovers, nobles and down right scoundrels into his final performance?

Abandoned in a leaky boat at sea by his avaricious brother, Prospero and his daughter luckily land on a enchanted island. Prospero harnessed the magic power of the island’s Sprite Ariel and local knowledge of ‘monster’ Caliban to survive. Now Prospero has to decide how to take revenge on his wicked brother as he uses Ariel’s spells to bring them ashore in a fantastical storm but of course chaos ensues. Can Prospero take revenge yet help his daughter be free or will the mystical island create another way?

Shakespeare turns the ‘revenge play’ on it’s head as these conniving city folks are transformed back to a natural state by the gentle Ariel. You feel Shakespeare’s feverish thaumaturgic attempts resolve his real life concerns for his Stratford daughters with the fantasy world of London’s chief impresario through his love of majestical nature, while we have a lot of fun.

Now I believe in unicorns.”

Suitable for ALL students and a refreshing perspective for lovers of the play.
Mixing modern language and original text it makes the story fun and crystal clear. The best way to experience the Bard which, lets face it, he designed to be enjoyed as a live show.

How The Tempest works

One hour long shows with a cast of three (needs to be seen to be believed) followed by Q & A or workshops in a half day visit.
For full day after the show your students can create their own version with our company or visiting director to perform at the end of the day to family and friends.

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OR have two shows with Shakespeare Double Bill

Our shows are also available as a double bill performance with either Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest and Macbeth. Comedy and Tragedy in a day.
Choose any combinations of two shows.

Also available with workshops after the shows.


A recent review from our The Tempest

Also Available The Tempest play in a day

“Join Prospero as the storm created by his sprites brings his usurper brother and cronies to this mystical island. Watch as Prospero magically twist and turns all the characters dream like to bring them safely to a happy brave new world.”

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Recommended for: Shakespeare, History, Drama, Legends, Heroes.

Ages: Key Stage 2 and 3 – See filter on the gallery of days below for age group and type of day.

Amount of pupils: Up to 140 in one day (more on request) max 35 per class.

Availability: All year – UK wide. Advance booking preferred but can help with last minutes plans.