Team Robot and The Ancient Art of Disco Dancing


The Ancient Art of Disco Dancing creates a visual, fun and active ways for pupils to explore coding and understand computer logic.

The Story

Team Robot – a crack team of computer experts are sent to save the world, led by Captain Splat.
Team Robot teaches the pupils Disco dancing code and show how it develops in the future.
Our Special Code We use hand disco jives as a fun way to show that you can give instructions in many different ways as well as costume and props to add to the program.


We introduce the concepts of loops, selection, conditionals and more by using different signals such as wigs and props and costume. It is designed to be light hearted and memorable.
Some of these concepts will be familiar for the pupils and some will be more advanced and something they may not come onto until later in their learning,  but is all designed in a way to be lightly referred to but can be referenced back to by the teacher at a later date. AND the pupils can make up and design their very own coded dance, challenging their computational thinking.