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sporty bungarooAbout me with the Bungaroo

Health week and Fitness with a fun twist – join the Bungaroo as he inspires the whole school to perform in this Health week sports special. Active and fun show

Suitable for Nursery to Year 8

Nationwide availability.


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About the day

The day is based on our Create a Show format where the pupils work in up to four groups of 35 and learn a scene of a play each. They then perform this play at the end of the day to invited guests or just themselves.

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It is a fun story based about an alien called a Bungaroo who comes down to Earth to become a disco dancing sports star. The aim of the show is to create an incredibly fun and active show that highlights to the pupils the joy of activity and sport. It involves scripted play, dancing, choreographed movement and air guitar!

As you may have guessed it is very light hearted and the pupils absolutely love it.

As the day progresses each group when not working with our teacher will have making tasks for the show. These are for props and scenery and are health related or perhaps more accurate are “what I enjoy – about me” related.

One group make talent show cards which they use in a talent show part. This is all about what they enjoy, What they would love to do – this can be serious or silly.

Another group makes Misery cards as the naughty king in the show bans all sports and fun. This helps them think about what they would miss most in their life.

Bungaroo perform

All groups make a picture of themselves as a Bungaroo – this helps them think about what they enjoy, what special powers their Bungaroo would have – what their Bungaroo would be like.

The day finishes with a show starring your pupils and lots of colourful Bungaroos.